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get yourself ready for college!

you’re probably pretty excited about finishing high school this year—and you should be: it means you’re that much closer to college!

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here are some ways to make sure you’re getting ready for the next important part of your life:

think about what you might like to do for a career. big question. but it’s never too early to have a dream that you can plan for, so knowing what field you may want to go into can help you choose what colleges you should consider most.

get your paperwork together. you not only need to know college application deadlines (make a list of what’s due when and put the dates on your calendar!), but you need to know which schools require recommendation letters or essays as part of the admissions process. before applying to schools, find out which teachers or employers are willing to write recommendation letters about how great you are.

consider retaking the sat/act. depending on how well you did (or didn’t do) on the sat—and possibly the act as well—you should definitely consider retaking either exam. now that you’ve had the experience of already going through it once, you’re in a position to get the best score possible to help you get into the college of your choice. take advantage.

sort out your college money situation. there’s no reason to ever pay more for school than absolutely necessary. follow up on every available option to claim all the financial aid you can by completing the fafsa online (you can do this as early as october 1). afterward, make sure that you receive your student aid report (sar) to check for errors—and call 1-800-4-fed-aid if you haven’t. remember to also research grants, scholarships, and work-study programs to see what’s out there.

don’t lose focus. senioritis is real—don’t give in! continue working hard in your classes and extracurricular activities as well as give the college application process the time and attention it deserves.

college visits are a great way to discover which school is right for you. we’d love to tell you more about smc and show you around our campus. come visit us anytime!

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about smc

since 1911, spartanburg methodist college has been dedicated to offering an affordable, private, christian-centered education to students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

as a two-year college, our specialty is helping high school students transition successfully into the college environment. your first two years of college count at smc, where you’ll receive an associate degree in one of six program areas. earning an associate degree means you’ll have a college degree after only two years. your degree coursework will then easily transfer to nearly any major at four-year colleges and universities across the state and nation, where you’ll enter as a junior.

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