the perfect time for h.s. juniors to visit colleges

each spring, colleges across the country await the arrival of high school juniors (like you!). they’ll offer a variety of different half or full day activity schedules aimed to give you a real feel for what it may be like to attend that school, like smc’s open house. colleges have done their planning—now you need to do yours, and winter break is the perfect time to map out your college visits.

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here’s how to get started:

step 1: register for the specific day you’ll be on campus at any school you plan to visit. at smc, you can also register for a campus visit monday-friday.

step 2: expect to spend at least a half day or full day at each school.

step 3: book your hotel rooms asap, too—especially if you want to stay anywhere near the campus.

step 4: allow time for delays. don’t schedule anything too closely together or you’re asking for trouble. remember: everything always takes longer than expected.

top tip: plan your time wisely. visit local schools during the week and schedule saturday visits at schools that are further away and might require an overnight stay.

here’s how to get the most of your experience once you arrive:

step 1: think about what you want to know before you get there—and bring those questions with you.

step 2: write down things you liked and things you didn’t about each college as you go. you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to forget specifics, and how quickly schools start to blend together.

step 3: take photos. in fact, have a family member take your picture by the entrance of each college—it’ll remind you of details you might otherwise forget.

step 4: talk to students at each school to get different perspectives and find out the real deal about going there. your student tour guides may work for the school, but they’ll still give you the lowdown if you ask!

step 5: speak with professors to get an idea about academic expectations.

that’s it! we’d love to tell you more about smc and show you around our campus. come visit us anytime!

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about smc

since 1911, spartanburg methodist college has been dedicated to offering an affordable, private, christian-centered education to students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

as a two-year college, our specialty is helping high school students transition successfully into the college environment. your first two years of college count at smc, where you’ll receive an associate degree in one of six program areas. earning an associate degree means you’ll have a college degree after only two years. your degree coursework will then easily transfer to nearly any major at four-year colleges and universities across the state and nation, where you’ll enter as a junior.

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