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the sat is tough, but you’re tougher!

nearly everyone agrees that taking the sat is just about the opposite of fun. it’s long, it’s boring, and unfortunately, in addition to your gpa, it’s a part of your application that most colleges require—and rely on—to figure out if you’ll be successful at their school. if you didn’t hit the score you wanted the first time you took it (and believe me, you’re not alone), there’s hope.

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here’s what you should know about retaking the sat:

you’re not alone. don’t stress too much about your first score. most students take the sat and/or act more than once. smc accepts sat and act scores, so you can take one or both and just submit your highest score.

people with lower test scores tend to do surprisingly better on the sat the second time. that’s because you have experience. use it to your advantage to rack up a better score. and in the unlikely event that you don’t beat your first total, you can just submit your first score.

experience = less stress. you’ve already taken the test once, and the all the pressure you had to deal with your junior year is over. sounds simple, but less stress is another reason to expect to do better on a retake. and now you can study at a more relaxed pace than you could the first time—just watch out for those college application deadlines.

there are a lot of resources out there to help you. sat test prep doesn’t have to be expensive! you can find free practice tests and study guides that will help you be better prepared the second time. start with these free resources from college board and the khan academy.

you can do this! the sat can be a frustrating step in getting into the college of your choice, but if you carve out a little time to study, you can definitely raise your score.

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