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Career Services

Career counseling
As a starting point for our Career Counseling, you'll complete PathwayU, a free online assessment that helps you understand your personality, interests, skills and career values. By uncovering your values, dreams and career goals, assessments can help affirm the direction you want to go in, or they can help you see that you may be happier pursuing a different path.

All-in-one advisors
SMC students have one advisor that supports them in all areas of success from enrollment to employment. This includes scheduling your classes, academic success and recovery, and career planning and job searching. This model allows you to get to know your advisor better and have someone that truly understands how to help you reach your goals with SMC! Find your advisor below:
Kara Cayton
Kara Cayton,
Student Athlete
Brandon Lyles
Brandon Lyles,
Last Names A-D
Lauren Francis
Lauren Francis,
Last Names E-K
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Elizabeth Paulsson,
Last Names L-R
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Keshawn Thomas,
Last Names S-Z
Shannon Bishop
Shannon Bishop,
VA Advisor & Director of
Career & Student Success

RESUME & Interview prep
A good resume is critical in finding an internship, job opportunity, and our team is here to assist you with resume writing tips that highlight your qualifications. We are also here to practice with you to improve your interviewing skills. Your resume might get you an interview, but it is the interview itself that will help you make the most of your opportunity.

SMCX Career has a variety of internship programs that offer an opportunity for you no matter your career path or class level. If you'd like to explore what open internship listings we currently have available, please log into Handshake.

  • Exploratory internships: Short, shadowing-based internships that allow you to get a high-level view of a career or job field to determine if you are interested.
  • Micro-internships: These are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. They allow you to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build your networks as you seek the right full-time role. For more information, click here.
  • Summer Intern Program: Put your summer to work! Earn credentials, manage an employer-driven project, or just get work experience under your belt. This program provides a number of options, and allows you to turn your break into possible academic credit (and a resume booster).
  • Advanced Internship: Every student must complete one 3-hour internship (or three 1-hour internships) as part of the Camak Core curriculum in our Bachelor's Degree program.

Job searching
In addition to hosting a Career Fair on-campus every semester, we have a variety of employers visit campus throughout the year to interact with students and discuss opportunities in many fields.

Log into Handshake to see what positions we have received from local employers, or reach out to the SMCX Career team and let us help you find something that works for your career goals while balancing your class load! Other great job-searching resources include Indeed.com and LinkedIn Jobs.

Questions? Contact
Emily Lausier
Emily Lausier,
Employer Relations
The X, Suite 22

Camak Core

SMC’s bachelor’s degree program is designed to equip you for your next move – an internship, the career of your dreams, or grad school.

SMC's four-year degree is different because it features the innovative Camak Core. The Camak Core, named for SMC’s founder, Dr. David English Camak, is a required 6 courses – or 18 hours of degree credit – of professional development (soft skills and experiences for personal and career success). The Camak Core makes up one-third of your total degree hours. These classes and hands-on career experiences will give you an 18- to 24-month head start on learning the habits, skills and behaviors that are vital for workplace success. No other liberal arts college offers this much career preparation for college credit.

Camak Core Courses
  • Community Discovery & Engagement
  • Professional Development & Leadership
  • Professional Communications
  • Applied Technology
  • Internship(s)
  • Capstone

What is a Capstone Project?
Capstone is one of the last classes you will take in the SMC Bachelor's Degree program. It’s called a capstone because it represents a crowning achievement, as a capstone does in architecture. Your SMC Capstone project will require you to develop a project and subsequent presentation in a way that demonstrates the knowledge and skills you have gained during your college career.


SMCX is constantly working to develop non-credit certification and training programs that benefit not only current students, but also businesses looking to invest in their staff's qualifications.

Have another idea or a specific need for your company or career? Please contact us to develop the right program for you!

Questions? Contact
Victoria Novak,
Director of Certifications &
Applied Technology
The X, Office 241